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Discover Mulhouse, an exceptional textile heritage!

After spending much time in several different French cities, Marie came to live in Mulhouse and discovered its exceptional textile heritage.

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French

Be a part of this city full of hidden treasures, and witness firsthand the prestigious past of a Mulhouse that has flourished during the most recent decades. Let’s go see the mythical sites that this city of textiles is so proud of; the DMC which will soon reign the embrodery empire, or perhaps the Museum of Printed Textiles known for their famous cashmere shawls. We will discover the picturesque residences - once home to the textile factory workers, and the winding maze of worker-gardens in the heart of the Mulhouse square. Outside of Mulhouse, textiles wove their way through the Vosges Mountain Valley. We will visit Wesserling Park, a particular area which unites the entire remains of a royal factory and its international influence. I will say no more, come and together we’ll weave an unforgettable adventure!

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  • Marie
  • Pier-Maël ANEZO
  • Martine ATHENOUD
  • Simon BAS
  • Philippe BRESSON
  • Christian COULON
  • Hubert FISCHER
  • Sylvain FREYBURGER
  • Marianne GENET
  • Gabriel GRIESINGER
  • Denis KIENTZEL
  • Florent MATHERN
  • Yvon MEVEL
  • Patrick POLANSKY
  • Sylvie RIEKER
  • Jacqueline SCHULLER
  • Thierry SEE
  • Rémy SPECKER
  • René Alfred STEINER
  • Clarisse STEINHILBER
  • Karine TOSCH
  • Marion URICHER
  • Anne-Laure VALLAEYS
  • Raymond WEIGEL