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Denis or Ned, whatever floats your boat...

Denis is a character! Prepare to plunge headlong into his universe! A universe at the crossroads between Mulhouse and Spain with Ned Leztneik, his "alter ego", the author of a novel published in December 2012 which he is very proud of!

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French English German Spanish

I was born in Mulhouse in 1952 in the Cité area. Now retired, I devoted my career to the Graphic Industries starting as an Apprentice at Arts-Graphiques DMC up to a Master in a German company.  I would love to share my passion for this sector whose roots lie in textile history. I am very attached to my childhood home of Dornach and can bring the past here to life with age-old shops that no longer exist but were the backbone to the economy at the time.

As a teenager in our city, I played chess which has recently become popular again. I then devoted my time to hobbies such as railway modelling (I am a member of RAMCAS part of the Cité du Train), astronomy and photography. I have been passionate about electronics for the last 50 years and I wanted to make a career out of it. My dream came true: I became a radio engineer in the 20th century and spent several decades working in amateur radio.  

My introduction to theatre in 1970 will be with me forever as it led me to the great Spanish poet Lorca and later Spain, my second home, where I’ve been holidaying regularly for a dozen years.

The end of 2011 was a turning point in my life: it’s when I discovered writing and my first novel, dedicated to victims of the Madrid attacks in March 2004, was published in December 2012.

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