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Simon BAS

Take a walk through Mulhouse with me and amuse yourself in its museums!

Just like Mulhouse, Simon has a bit of a mixed background!  He's a Mulhouse native through and through, but he also inherited a Catalan streak from his father...  From culture and museums to football and heavy metal, he's forever dipping in and out of different worlds, and he can't wait to show you around! 

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French English Spanish

Born and bred in Mulhouse, I live and work here too. At the same time, I'm still proud and very much attached to my Catalan origins!

Mulhouse is a beautiful city where life is good! Not convinced?

Well, since I absolutely love the city of Bollwerk, I'll take you for a walk through the historical centre to discover some of the treasures the city has to offer, such as its numerous listed buildings, parks and side streets. I can also show you around the restaurants, bars and tearooms in the city, as well as its bookshops, where I spend a lot of time. I'd also be up for taking you on a tour of the region's museums and exhibitions. I'm crazy about history, literature, paintings, cinema, football and heavy metal.

I'm fluent in Spanish (which I teach at secondary school) and Catalan.

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