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Mulhouse… and much more!

Rémy is a born and bred Mulhousian on the one hand, a staunch European on the other. An enthusiastic world traveller and always ready to explore new places, he calls himself “a jack of all trades, a master of none.”
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I was born in Mulhouse and grew up here so I know the city pretty well along with its recent and ancient history which is fascinating (Mulhouse was an independent city before it was French).
Nice little spots and parks appeal to me. I also like to walk through the Marché du Canal Couvert (I worked on the market here) where the multicultural atmosphere really reflects the local variety. This variety is what attracts me to our nearby neighbours (barely half an hour away by car), the Germans and Swiss (including the magnificent and historic city of Basel). There are lots of new and fascinating things to explore here (museums, architecture, traditions).

I also love finding a new restaurant or cool bar. I enjoy good wine so I simply have to talk about the Alsace Wine Route teeming with lots of beautiful villages that I adore visiting time and time again. My roots are in the Alsace countryside of Sundgau so I naturally know this area very well and would be delighted to take you there. 

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