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An Original, surprising and cosmopolitan view of Mulhouse!

Michel proposes an immersion into Mulhouse history through discovering the many contemporary works that give the city its rhythm.

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French English German Spanish

I was born in Mulhouse and finished my studies here before becoming a school professor. I love to travel and discover the world, other countries, cities and histories. I am convinced that Mulhouse deserves to be discovered because its notable geography often goes unrecognized. Mulhouse conceals many riches, as much heritage as architectural wonders that aren’t unveiled at first glance. Our region is in the heart of an extraordinary area (you can go by horse to three different countries) which share a culture, traditions and destiny. Understanding the modern world often means understanding the worlds of the past. Mulhouse has an original history, rich and unexpected, a daughter of the industrial revolution. A history that was born speaking Alsacian, raised speaking German, and speaking French today. A history that mixes man, religion, language, wars and revolutions. A history that is the result of unexpected developments, happy and sad. It’s this past that I want to show visitors of my city, in French of course but also in English, German or Spanish. I invite you to discover the imprints left behind by the men and women once living in this diverse European corner. Today, Mulhouse is a small city of the world which holds a future of passionate adventures. If you prefer, why don’t we discover this city by bike? Ready for some surprising discoveries?

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  • Marie
  • Pier-Maël ANEZO
  • Simon BAS
  • Philippe BRESSON
  • Christian COULON
  • Sylvain FREYBURGER
  • Marianne GENET
  • Gabriel GRIESINGER
  • Denis KIENTZEL
  • Yvon MEVEL
  • Patrick POLANSKY
  • Sylvie RIEKER
  • Jacqueline SCHULLER
  • Rémy SPECKER
  • René Alfred STEINER
  • Clarisse STEINHILBER
  • Karine TOSCH
  • Marion URICHER
  • Anne-Laure VALLAEYS
  • Raymond WEIGEL