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Karine TOSCH

Mulhouse, a city that moves even its own citizens!

Karine is a border-crosser; living in Rixheim she crosses the border to Switzerland everyday to work in Basel. She wishes to share her favorite spots in and around Mulhouse.

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French English German

It would be my pleasure to show you typical, or atypical, places that our region has to offer by either enjoying:

Walks on Foot:

- The heart of Mulhouse and through its market.

- The heights of the Rebberg to see the city from above.

- The hills of Rixheim.

- The foothills of the Black Forest near our German neighbors; 20 minutes from Mulhouse you can enjoy  a view of the Alsacian plains, the Vosges and even the Alps, weather permitting!

Bike Rides:

- Along the Rhone/Rhin canal, a rest-stop at the Guinguette, the Port of Kembs, or at Huningue Park.

- Along the picturesque railway, bike-able between Dannemarie and Pfetterhouse (plan for a half-day). And, if you prefer to discover the Mulhousien nightlife, let’s go out to Charlies Piano Bar, enjoy the blues at Cafe Conc, or even world music at Noumatrouff.

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