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Pier-Maël ANEZO

Stroll around discovering the city!

Pier-Maël, who moved to Mulhouse a few months ago, is just one of the many people who have been pleasantly surprised by the city and its region.  This cross-border worker and city-lover will guide you through his world, mixing culture, architecture and great tips for your visit!

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Spoken languages: French English German Italian Portugais

My name is Pier-Mael Anezo. My father is from Brittany, my mother is from Germany, and the two got lost somewhere in “outer France” - I was born in Strasbourg. I'm an architect and town planner, and after a several years in Paris and a few months in London, I came to work in Basel in January 2011. Recently, I came back to Alsace to live in Mulhouse, and I've been thoroughly exploring the city ever since.

Naturally, I like getting to know every square inch of a place, so I'll be able to show you a few interesting spots in this charming city with its rich, unusual history. I have a soft spot for poorer districts (a habit I picked up at work...) and putting my finger on the pulse of areas which are often forgotten despite having a certain charm: industrial wastelands, garden suburbs, canals, new neighbourhoods, etc. I'll be able to tell you about the city’s architecture (and the architects), from the industrial age to today – Mulhouse has had its fair share!

As you might have guessed, I'm a bit of a city slicker. I like nothing more than wandering around, having a drink outside a cafe, in a nice bar in the city centre, and enjoying some good food in one of its restaurants. I'm often out and about with friends, making the most of the cultural events on offer (exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance). I'm also a football fan; I see fewer matches than I'd like, but from time to time you'll find me watching one of the local clubs: Basel, Freiburg, Sochaux or (not very often!) Mulhouse. Otherwise, I love finding a spot of sunshine to relax in with a book and a good tune on my headphones... and taking photos on my walks through the city.

I've been couchsurfing since 2006, and now I'm becoming a Greeter to continue offering a warm welcome to visitors who are interested in meeting locals!

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