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A nook of life and poetry away from the city centre!

Sylvain suggests getting away from the beaten track so that you can discover the various districts of Mulhouse depending on what you wish and discoveries. A longing to follow this "urban walker", as he describes himself?

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French English

Each Mulhouse district has its own identity... And which too often goes unnoticed, just away from the inescapable places and major communications routes. The history, the population, the architecture and the general atmosphere of these peripheral districts are always fascinating: they escape from the fate of tar and concrete, tourism and the money of major modern cities.

From a personal point of view, these districts are also laden with memories, walks, encounters and surprises: a change of scenery waits for us at the street corner! I was born in Mulhouse, and my job as a reporter for the local press has also helped to make me familiar with the diversity of these living areas. This intimate geography is dear to me and I am happy to be able to share it as a greeter.

Working-class districts such as Drouot or Les Coteaux, or more middle-class ones such as Rebberg or Dornach: everything is noteworthy when humanity shows in the heart of the city maze, at the corner of a little street, an allotment, a discreet place, an overloaded balcony... You just have to be ready for a surprise, to accept getting a little lost, to bring down the veil. I suggest targeted walks to a specific sector in the city, whose itinerary – while of course including the key places in the district – may perhaps be partly decided as we go along... In this way, hoping to inoculate new enthusiasts with the taste for the urban sprawl!

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  • Marie
  • Martine ATHENOUD
  • Simon BAS
  • Philippe BRESSON
  • Christian COULON
  • Hubert FISCHER
  • Sylvain FREYBURGER
  • Marianne GENET
  • Gabriel GRIESINGER
  • Françoise HUND
  • Denis KIENTZEL
  • Sarah LESAGE
  • Florent MATHERN
  • Yvon MEVEL
  • Patrick POLANSKY
  • Sylvie RIEKER
  • Jacqueline SCHULLER
  • Thierry SEE
  • Rémy SPECKER
  • René Alfred STEINER
  • Karine TOSCH
  • Marion URICHER
  • Anne-Laure VALLAEYS
  • Raymond WEIGEL