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To understand Mulhouse and help you to discover its countless curiosities!

Régis is in his thirties and involved in Mulhouse life, who suggests helping you to discover Mulhouse and its region so that you can be as surprised as he when he arrived here a few years ago!

Proposed themes:

Spoken languages: French English Spanish

After having lived from one end of France to the other and abroad, I came to Mulhouse in 2006 for professional reasons. At first reticent, little by little I discovered a city which deserves a better reputation that the one it too often has.

Mulhouse is a city one has to know how to "tame" and, once understood, can reveal a multitude of little treasures!

For the visitors I have the pleasure of meeting, I can suggest a wide variety of activities to meet everyone's tastes. I can also help you appreciate the walks in the various districts of Mulhouse in search of an original dwelling, exploring the surroundings, for instance the mountains. It is also quite possible to relax with a drink on a terrace discussing various subjects as well as doing out dancing in the evening! A multilingual native of Alsace, a lover of history, society subjects, liking going out and intercultural discussions, I am always impatient to meet people from various backgrounds!

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  • Marie
  • Pier-Maël ANEZO
  • Simon BAS
  • Philippe BRESSON
  • Christian COULON
  • Sylvain FREYBURGER
  • Marianne GENET
  • Gabriel GRIESINGER
  • Caroll HERRGOTT
  • Denis KIENTZEL
  • Régis KRAEMER
  • Florent MATHERN
  • Yvon MEVEL
  • Patrick POLANSKY
  • Sylvie RIEKER
  • Jacqueline SCHULLER
  • Rémy SPECKER
  • René Alfred STEINER
  • Clarisse STEINHILBER
  • Karine TOSCH
  • Marion URICHER
  • Anne-Laure VALLAEYS
  • Raymond WEIGEL